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Responsab streamlines your sales process by integrating your outreach, engagement, and automation into a user-friendly and adaptable CRM, enabling more efficient selling.

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ERP solution

Got a big team or working on multiple projects at once? Manage task priorities or even create additional workspaces and use the built-in permission system to separate core projects. Make your team more effective by helping them avoid confusion ensuring they always know what to focus on.


Skyrocket your sales with an effective lead management tool. Determine the value of leads and develop promising leads with ease. Get clearer action plans and make smarter and well-informed decisions.


This feature makes it easier for a company to maintain a record of an employee’s personal, company, and Bank details along with their essential documentation. Employees could view and manage their profiles.


POS allows you to create and maintain the data of each customer and vendor. You get access to all essential information through a well-maintained format.

Collaborate with team members and create reports.

Stay focused and motivated with visually appealing user interface and the reminders feature that helps you focus on what’s important here and now, without missing a beat.

One platform many solutions

Streamline your workflow and increase productivity with our advanced task management feature. Easily create, assign, and prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and track progress with real-time updates.

Create and assign tasks, set deadlines, add subtasks and comments, and track progress with real-time updates.

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